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Just because you don’t own your home it doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own! Why not try and personalise the property? As City Centre letting agents we get to see many homes and apartments, some that are owned and some that are rented and it’s interesting to see how creative people can be!


 There are many ways you can go about personalising your property, particularly when you are renting from a private landlord, and it doesn’t necessarily involve repainting the whole flat or fitting new bathrooms or kitchens!

 If you are a long-term tenant or even if you’re renting for less than a year, there are many ways you can introduce a bit of your personality into your apartment without having to go to great lengths and huge levels of expenditure. For example;

  • Feature Walls 

 Adding a feature wall in your bedroom or living spaces can turn somewhere very drab and neutral into a home!

  • Accessorise 

 Along with feature walls, some co-ordinated accessories can make all the difference! Even things such as some live plants/flowers to the inside of your property or some plants on your balcony can add so much depth and warmth to your property, again without huge cost.

  • Wall Art and Pictures 

 Mounting pieces of wall art and pictures can turn your neutral pad into a stylish one!

  • Additional Lighting  

 Simple tricks such as adding some additional lighting can boost the ambience of the property and the beauty of this is that you can take these with you when you move on.

  • Furniture

 Putting some of your own statement pieces of furniture can also make your time at the property more comfortable and functional and again, can be removed when the time comes.


 If you are renting, be sure to check the terms in your tenancy agreement as it is likely you will need permission but do not let this put you off asking your landlord or letting agent! You may even appeal more to a landlord. With the likely advent of longer tenancies, landlords are likely to become more receptive to carrying out works such as decorating or even allow you to decorate within reason, particularly if you accept that you may need to return the property to its original state when the time comes for you to vacate. Many people are now choosing long term renting as a preferred lifestyle option, so they can enjoy the freedom they would like.

 For further tips on how to personalise your property, feel free to contact us or visit our website to see how we can help you


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