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So it’s no surprise to that 2018 has been a tough year and to be honest the initial forecasts for 2019 look like we are heading for more of the same.

More and more legislation for landlords will force more landlords to exit the market as the tax changes continue to bite and of course, lots of uncertainty due to Brexit.

House prices are predicted to be fairly static throughout the early part of 2019 or at best very moderate growth of 2-3 % over the year.

However; it’s certainly far from all doom and gloom. 2018 has seen a lot of exciting changes here at Sanderson Weatherall, firstly there was our move to our stand alone residential office on the Ground Floor of Central Square on Wellington Street.

Then there was the exciting launch of our brand new residential website which has been received very well and has seen a lot of traffic.

We also launched our instant valuation tool on our new website, which again has been a big hit for those clients and potential clients who want an instant indication of the value of their property.

We have seen exceptional demand for rental properties throughout the year, which looks set to continue and if anything, increase in 2019.

We have also undertaken a number of highly successful refurbishments for several of our clients over the year and seen significant uplifts in the rents on these properties.

The message from the Residential team here at Sanderson Weatherall, is don’t panic! Brexit is going to happen in some form or another whether we like it or not, but it doesn’t necessarily mean bad news for the property market.

Leeds is certainly booming as a City as we see a raft of new residential and commercial developments set to take place over the next few years, so it remains a solid place to look at investing and any dip in prices when we come out of the EU will hopefully be short lived.

To discuss your property needs or requirements or to get some advice on your property investments, please feel free to drop into our office and have a coffee and a chat or give one of us a call. We’re always on hand to help!

We wish all our readers an enjoyable Festive period and we look forward to seeing you in 2019

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